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About the National Roller Coaster Museum

Our Mission

NRCMA’s mission is to discover, preserve, interpret and share the historical heritage of the roller coaster for present and future generations. At the same time, it is the goal of the NRCMA board to become part of an established universal effort to make the public and industry aware of the importance of preserving its heritage. Our goal is to protect these artifacts and make them accessible to those who love roller coasters and amusement parks!

The opportunity to preserve an important part of American history, establish a permanent home for memorabilia and to save our amusement park legacy for future generations to enjoy. We will carry the stories of the industry’s rich past, introducing new historic details from lost and forgotten rides, as well as the latest stories on the modern classics.

We hope that you will join us in our effort to save the irreplaceable parts of the amusement industry.
The NRCMA is an unaffiliated, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of historic roller coasters and amusement park artifacts and memorabilia to document and archive the history of the amusement park industry

To donate to the NRCMA to aid in the protection and preservation of historic roller coasters and amusement park artifacts, mail to: NRCMA, attention, Hunter Novotny, NRCMA Treasurer, PO Box 5424, Arlington, Texas 76005-5424.


The NRCMA’s primary storage facility is located in Plainview, Texas. The current 20,000sqft. building sits on one acre of land owned by the NRCMA. The latest expansion included a 1,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled facility which was completed in 2015. The latest expansion includes the addition of the Mark Moore wing to the facility honoring the Uramet founder

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